Sunday, November 16, 2014

Silver Falls Self Care

 I took off at 12 for an afternoon with one of my longest friends, Sarah.  This was a kid free day.  I realized I had been carrying a huge amount of stress from the health sagas of my youngest and work stress.  I had stopped taking care of myself and was feeling quite a bit of burnout and post crisis depression. I thought playing in the mud and hiking 9 miles past ten waterfalls would be just what the doctor ordered.
It was wonderful to catch up with Sarah while walking the trail.  The leaves were just starting to change color and fall.
We heard that just yesterday Winter Falls was dry but today's rain jump started it.
We spent time communing with the big trees.
South Falls was so beautiful.  Since it was mid week and a bit rainy, the park was quiet.
The tall trees make me feel at home.  Being with Sarah reminds me of home as well.  Though I embrace change and believe change means growth, it is nice to remember the stability of a foundation, a simpler time, and those deep roots that developed in childhood and adolescence.
South Falls was magnificent
We spent some time enjoying the view before heading behind it and down toward the bridge.
We continued around the long loop hike catching each other up on some of what was on our hearts and ways we have grown.
Sarah says she sees and notices hearts at times she needs comfort.  This puddle made us both smile.
We enjoyed all the waterfalls from different angles, walking behind two of them.
The fall colors were just starting to come out, and though it was a gray day, we enjoyed the contrasts.
We saw this little newt crossing the trail and spent some time enjoying his company!
Some of the waterfalls were smaller or more difficult to see, but we enjoyed all the different falls we passed.
This is double falls, just flowing a little.  Sarah did a little splashing but the cool day made me a bit reluctant.
We enjoyed going behind Middle North Falls.
Finally, we made our way back to north falls, a little stiff and sore but glad to have gotten to hike together.
I hoped to return when the leaves change more.  Fall is a great time to visit Silver Falls.  I was grateful to catch up with my friend and get a chance to enjoy the woods without focusing on the needs of my kids.  Though I love their perspective, I know I am a better mom when I get a little "me time" to recharge.

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