Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shellburg Falls- Rainy country day

It was a rainy Saturday, but we are not fair weather hikers! We met Sarah in Silverton and headed for Shellburg Falls hike. Sarah joked that I chose this because it was a "hidden waterfall" and to avoid the crowds at Silver Falls. While that is partially true- I just always enjoy exploring places I have never been and Shellburg Falls fit the bill.

We past several fields of cows and cattle guards. The fall colors were beautiful. It was so much fun to be wandering along a country road.

We arrived at the bottom of the waterfall and headed up the steps. Amy seemed excited by the prospect of stairs. This was a 4.5 mile hike and she hiked about half of it which was wonderful for my back!

Up we went to the lower falls viewpoint. What a great waterfall. It was fun to hike under a canopy of moss covered trees.

We stopped for a snack to soak in the waterfall.

After the viewpoint, the trail headed behind the falls. We did not feel any spray but it was fun to feel more of a part of the rock and the waterfall.

We headed up to the top where there was a campground and then headed down the road to make a loop.

The moss, colorful leaves, and water made for a fun hike.

On the way back toward the trailhead, Sarah taught Amy how to play "Hey Cow!" which is when you take turns yelling "Hey Cow!" to a field of cows and get points for how many cows turn and look. I am surprised that as a person from Whatcom County dairy country I had never heard of this game. Amy thought it was great fun!

Sarah made a little friend at the very end of the hike that she almost stepped on!

What a perfect place to spend a rainy day! Who says you can't enjoy a beautiful place in the rain! I am going to be patient while waiting for the snow to start accumulating for adventures and enjoy the lush green low forests that Oregon has to offer.

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