Monday, November 14, 2011

A Whole Family Adventure "Stealth" Hike

It's not everyone who chooses a church to go to in close proximity to a really cool hike, but one Sunday morning this is just what I did! Off we went as a family to Camas for church and then for a "walk in the woods" nearby at Lacamas Park.

The woods, moss, and leaves were especially beautiful. Amy loves stomping in puddles, so the wet weather does not bother her.

She was in her element with the wide road and the big trees.

We got to the first bridge. We decided it was not a raging bridge despite the slight bounce in it.

The fall colors were beautiful!

We hiked along the creek for much of the time and saw some small waterfalls The coolest one was called potholes falls and was full of "potholes" in the rock.

Yes, I did get my husband out for a 4.5 mile Sunday afternoon stroll! It was sort of a "stealth hike" since we were right in Camas and not in the waterfall area of the gorge or on top of a mountain, but it was a beautiful hike and he did a great job!

Amy enjoyed walking with her daddy which is a treat for her since he usually does not come on our adventures.

We continued to enjoy the creek and the beautiful fall colors.

Amy took a rock climbing break.

Finally, we came to a lake and started heading back toward the parking lot. There was a perfect stump for resting against.

What a beautiful fall family adventure close to home and close to a really great church.

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