Monday, October 24, 2016

Paradise Park at Mt. Hood- One Hard Core Mama and her baby

 I needed a challenge in August 2013. I was longing for high places and decided to try out on of my "bucket list" hikes, Paradise Park, with my almost one year old.

Paradise Park is a pretty hard core hike at Ridge line on Mt. Hood. I took my baby Analise "along for the ride".

I did indeed find high places on Mt. Hood and snow! The first bridge-less stream crossing warns against crossing alone. I wasn't alone, exactly...Analise was cheering me on from behind.

The mountain was amazing. I really enjoyed being so high on a bright sunny day.

The wildflower meadow was so beautiful! My heart was happy!

Analise and I took a break to take it all in and catch my breath!

The high country and the climb to get there were both breathtaking!

I could not attempt this with kids who are walking until they are much older. At every stage of hiking with kids I think I will have to give something up. I have learned to adapt and "hike my own hike" at each stage.

It was nice to have this special time with Analise who was a very challenging baby but much happier when she was outside and moving.

We made it to the top of the world. I say Paradise Park is named well!

I enjoyed the mountain view and the high meadow very much.

All too soon it was time to start heading back down. I felt like a "hard core mama" carrying my baby 10 miles to the high country paradise.

We had to take one last dirt break before heading to the car.

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