Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Close to home adventures at McIver park. Written by:Amy

Mom and I Were Going to Mclver Park. A Park for Horse Trainers and Hikers. It Had Lots of Horse Equipment.
It Was FALL So  The Trees ,Though Pretty Mossy and Awesome,Were Rid of There Leaves. 
Some Trees Had Vines Instead of Moss.
The Paths Were Wet But The Hike Was Enjoyable.
You Will Notice We Take Selfies A Lot. It Is A Little Tradition Of Ours.
This Is Me On A Piece Of  Horse Equipment. I Had To Jump Over The Logs And Over Puddles. 
This Is Me At The Beginning Of The Horse Equipment.
I Do It Again!
More Horse Equipment, This Time , To Run Across.
I Am Halfway Through!
I Made It!
Run Through This Piece Of Horse Equipment!
I Did That! There Is THE BAT BARN In The Distance!
A Little Closer...
The Ultimate Close Up!
"The Information About Bats" Sign.
Goodby, Bat Barn!
Smooth Planes
More Horse Equipment!
Run Off  The Course!
The Horse SEESAW!
Walking Across The Seesaw!
Horse Balance Beam!
Start! (Or Is It End).

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