Monday, October 24, 2016

The Search for a Campground and a Great Brushy Ridge Hike

In Summer 2013 we headed out late Friday afternoon to try to find a spot at a first come first serve campground in the Opal Creek Wilderness. Thus began our misadventures!

 When that campground did not have a spot, we tried two more. On the third try we learned that popular Detroit Lake, still 20 min away, had two spots left.

The race with the boaters was on! When we arrived there was still a spot! We set up the tent in the dark with MANY other campers and the baby in the pack in play in hopes that sleep would occur. There were a few fireworks and it did not really feel like wilderness.

In the morning, the free coffee at the camp store and the lake redeemed the crowded campsite somewhat.

We spent some time enjoying the dock (and the coffee) before heading to find our trailhead.

We said farewell to Detroit Lake and drove up the forest service road to a little used trailhead to French Creek Ridge.

The wildflowers were beautiful (and above five year old Amy's head!)

Though there was technically a trail, it felt very much like bushwacking!

Determined to find the viewpoint, we pressed on through the overgrown trail, much to five year old Amy's chagrin!

Our hard work and persistence paid off as we found the beautiful viewpoint.

We took some time to enjoy the view before heading back through the long grasses and overgrown trail.

Baby Analise enjoyed the ride!

Mt. Jefferson loomed large in the distance.

We enjoyed the view of Detroit Lake without all the other campers.

Though it was not our first plan, it was quite a memorable weekend and we continue to tell the story of chasing the boats to get the last campsite at Detroit Lake.

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