Thursday, January 30, 2014

Returning to Mt. Rainier

 The girls and I took a drive up to meet our friends The McCarty's on an August day.  Analise was almost one.  I always feel like I am coming home when I come to Mt. Rainier.

We took a beautiful and challenging hike up to a high mountain waterfall and meadow.

The kids found a natural rock slide and had some fun.

The creek was raging.

The kiddos and moms spent a lot of time hiking together.  Amy really enjoys hiking with Carolee especially.  They like telling stories together.  Janelle likes to hide gummy bears which Amy also enjoys.

I enjoyed listening to the glacier fed creek.

It was August but there was still this patch of snow in a shady spot.

I enjoyed hanging out at the waterfall.

Analise slept for quite awhile on my back and seemed to enjoy herself also.

The high waterfall was beautiful.

We continued up to a high meadow for some stunning mountain views.

Mike continued on a long loop and the rest of us made the long trek back down the trail.

The kids did a great job, especially considering we were climbing at altitude.  This hike was app. 8 miles RT.  This was Amy's new record!

When we got back to camp, Analise was dubbed "The Queen of Dirt".

The trip was made complete by a morning trip up to Paradise to take in the amazing mountain view.

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