Thursday, November 28, 2013

Neahkanie Ocean Views and Toes in the Sand

This trip happened in May.  Analise was 8 months old.  The spring weather turned warm and it was time for a trip to the coast.  I hoped that the cool breeze and sunshine would entice Amy to the short climb up Neahkanie Mountain.

We started by walking a little way to a viewpoint overlooking the ocean.

As is her favorite pastime, Analise was excited to play in the dirt and rocks.  She was also fascinated by my hat string.

The ocean view was beautiful.  After soaking it in we headed to the south trail head and started our gradual climb to a viewpoint.

There were still some late Trillium hanging on.  We enjoyed the sun shining through the trees and mossy branches.

Analise got a few chances to wiggle with her sister.

We headed up the final scramble to the viewpoint.

We would have enjoyed the view more but there were very large flying ants.  Amy was very unhappy about this and wanted to head back down quickly.

We went back down to the trail head and drove out to a good beach access spot.

It had already been quite a long day so we were not able to give the beach as much time as it deserves but we really enjoyed playing in the sand and the ocean view.

Amy is rather scared of the ocean but she was pleased to have a stream to play in nearby where she did not have to contend with waves.

Analise had been to the beach once before but this time she really was able to experience sand between her toes.

Amy enjoyed writing in the sand and hugging one of the giant trees on the way back to the car.

It was a day full of small mountain climbing, breathing in the ocean air from on high and down below, avoiding flying ants, and playing in the sand.

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