Thursday, January 30, 2014

Timberline wanderings

Last winter, when there was snow, we did quite a few snow adventures.  Analise was just four months old.  Sarah, Analise, and I went on a harder core snowshoe adventure without Amy since she had been boycotting snow.

The snow was really blowing but we bundled up a baby and headed out to explore.

There was quite a bit of bushwacking as we cut through the ski area.

The snow covered trees were amazing.

Since there was not much visibility, we did not wander too far but just made a big loop.

The lodge was quite covered in snow and we really enjoyed exploring and watching the skiers and snowboarders.

Analise stayed nice in warm in her homemade custom fleece Baby Bjorn cover made by her crafty Nana.

Warm and cozy, she slept through this little adventure.

We headed home after a day well spent in the snow.

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