Friday, November 1, 2013

Cascade Head and fun in the sand

 We headed toward the coast for a day of ocean fun!  It was the end of October and the very end of the season the road to Cascade Head's upper trail is open.

We got to the trailhead to meet my mom and her long time friend, and went for the short mile long hike through the mossy forest.

Once at the windswept upper viewpoint we stopped to enjoy it.

Baby Analise took steps in the grass.

Amy enjoyed her Nana.  We all enjoyed watching the girls and the view.

Possibly against better judgment we headed down the steep hillside toward the lower viewpoint since we needed more of a challenge!

Nana took the course of wisdom and stopped at the warning- steep trail sign with the picture of people falling off a cliff.

The rest of us trekked down but I spent too much time arguing about safety with Amy who was convinced she should be the leader down the steep hill.

After seeing the view from below we slowly trekked back up the steep trail- meeting up with Nana and headed back through the woods where we enjoyed the nurse logs.

We drove to Neskowin where Nana was staying and had a great time at the beach house and on the beach.

We walked on the sand, explored, built sand castles, demolished sand castles, and made sand angels.

The ocean was beautiful and the company was amazing!

Baby Analise is doing a great job with her walking.

On the drive home I even snuck in some Stumptown Coffee!  An excellent end to an excellent adventure.

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