Monday, October 14, 2013

Sauvie Island and Gorge: Sunny days with friends

On Sat we were on our own and it was the first sunny fall day.  My preschooler has been hard to motivate so I thought a hike involving a pumpkin farm might be just the thing!

We headed to a farm on Sauvie Island and spent some quality time playing in the hay.

Amy got a beautiful face painting as sister watched.  She enjoyed bouncing in the bounce house.

Then we went into the corn maze...Now if you must know my sense of direction has a reputation for being rather poor.  I figured Amy would help us find our way out!  We wandered for quite some time and eventually found the exit.

Leaving the farm we enjoyed the Portland Voodoo Doughnut truck and drove out to the hike out to Warrior Rock Lighthouse.

Mount Saint Helens across the river was beautiful, covered in fresh snow after our colder rainy week.

At Amy's request, we took the "low route" along the beach, climbing over muddy outcroppings.  Fortunately we were on top of one of these outcroppings when this huge barge came by and made an enormous wake that just barely missed us.

On the way back we enjoyed building and demolishing a sandcastle.

Baby Analise ate some dirt and all three of us were quite covered in mud.

The next day we picked up our friend, Celebrity, and headed up to show her the gorge.  We enjoyed the beauty of Multnohmah Falls first.

My mom had taken the train up to join the fun.

After our stop at Multnohmah Falls we met up with friends at Latourell Falls.  The kids immediately started rock climbing

We hiked past Latourell Falls and spent some time playing and visiting at Guy Talbot Park.

We stopped at Vista House to take in the river/ gorge view.

Baby Analise enjoyed some serious stair climbing at Vista House.

Next we headed up to the top of Larch Mountain to hike up Sherrard Point.  The panorama of mountains surrounding us was amazing.

Mount Saint Helens, Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Hood, and Mount Jefferson were all out in full glory!

My soul was fed by the community of friends and the amazement of these wonderful Columbia River spots.

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