Monday, October 14, 2013

Annual Falls Creek Falls Trip

 The weather is getting a little colder and rainier and the fall colors are amazing.  We headed to one of our favorite hikes in Washington, Falls Creek Falls.  (See our hike last Aug-

There were some pretty stellar mushrooms and Amy invented a "pictureka" game where we described the color shape and size.

We hiked along the creek, enjoying the yellow leaves and green moss.

We crossed over the unique little suspension bridge.

The light shining through these yellow leaves made them glimmer.

The green moss makes this old growth forest feel like a fairyland.

We enjoyed the sounds of the creek beside us.

We continued through the beautiful canopy of fall colors until we began to hear the waterfall.

We took a long stop to enjoy the beauty of Falls Creek Falls.

There were lots of people and dogs to share the view with us.

Baby Analise got some much needed wiggle time to explore the mossy rock.

 Amy got some highly valued rock climbing time as well.

After enjoying the waterfall we started heading back, but instead of just hiking the trail back, we decided to try to explore the top of the falls.

Amy made a valiant effort up a steep primitive trail.  We were told the top of the falls might take some bush wacking and Amy was complaining of being tired.  I needed to listen to my kiddo and head back down toward our car.

As we took a break to recharge we encouraged Baby Analise to take a few steps on the trail.  She enjoyed doing this holding Sarah and my hands but was not up for stepping out on her own yet.

By the time we arrived back at our car we were all pretty tired.  The extra climb in search of the top of the falls made this day into a little bit more of a much needed challenge.

This is certainly a favorite, especially in the fall.  We said one of Analise's favorite phrases, "Bye Bye" trail, "Bye Bye" waterfall.  See you next year.

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