Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ten Reasons to Hike with Kids

I have lots more fun posts coming up of hikes and snowshoe adventures with my so excited for kindergarten girl and her baby sister who is starting to enjoy the sights and sounds of the wilderness.  I thought I would take a break to share a list of ten reasons to hike with kids:

1.  Because you get to stop for treats on the way home.

2.  You have an excuse to sing silly songs and play games which makes the miles fly by!

3.  You have a reason to take lots of breaks, even "deep breath breaks".

4.  It makes the time more mindful and meaningful.  Kids notice and delight in the small stuff like snails, mushrooms, pine cones, and moss.

5.  Did I mention taking breaks?  You get to take long huckleberry picking breaks.

6.  You can bring out your inner love of mud and puddle stomping.

7.  You take few risks so you don't end up with too many "don't tell Nana" stories.

8.  You get to eat lots of good food along the trail, usually involving bars of some kind and lunch is in several long drawn out courses.

9.  It is weight training for backpacking before they can walk.

10.  Besides hiking or snowshoeing you get to "dip your toes in for a dabble" in the summer and sled down steep hills in the winter as part of the day's adventures.

So don't let kids stop you from hiking.  Get out into the woods and hike with your kids!

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