Sunday, March 3, 2013

Salmon River with a growing baby sister

Though the fall salmon run was close to finished, we headed off for one of our favorite fall hikes, Salmon River, with my favorite four year old, her favorite Sarah, and my six week old wonder!

As usual, we greatly enjoyed the moss and the mud.

This forest has some beautiful nurse logs as well.

We were all happy to get out for a hike and rediscover the wonder of the Salmon River.

Lunch is getting a little more complicated, cooking around a baby who likes to nurse for a very long time.  Sarah is always incredibly willing to help and both she and Amy have been so patient as I reinvent my backcountry cooking/ break system.

Baby Analise seemed to really enjoy checking out the moss and being outside.  Though she hates the car, she really enjoys riding in the front pack and being outside.

It was good to be on the trail.  Amy is getting to be such an excellent hiker who needs very few breaks herself, but is patient with her little sister's tendency to nurse for a long time.

The bright yellow leaves, the green moss, and the clear cold water were just the thing for a fall day.  We did not see Salmon this year, but really enjoyed our time communing with the river and the creator.

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