Saturday, March 16, 2013

Refreshingly Rainy McDowell Creek Falls

It was a very rainy fall day. Baby Analise was six weeks old.  We headed south to explore a new waterfall and stomp in puddles.

There was quite a bit of crying during the drive, but Analise enjoyed a warm dry hike in the front pack..

The trees were so tall and the forest floor was covered in huge leaves.

We made our way around the loop and enjoyed the roaring waterfalls.

The moss and green was spectacular and it was fun to climb the wooden staircases.

Baby Analise had a nice long nap and was not quite big enough to appreciate the powerful waterfalls.

I am sure that many mom's might not want to take their 6 week old into the rain or snow, but this is my outlet and I need my hiking to counter postpartum depression, exhaustion, and to enjoy my four year old.

Just like her sister, Analise is learning about the woods from a very early age.  I know she can sense my joy at being near a waterfall and breathing the cool fall air.

Having my girls with me to share these experiences makes them very special.  I hope they continue to love the woods for many years to come.

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  1. what a gift to share that joy of the outdoors, of God's creation with your girls.