Saturday, August 5, 2017

Goat Rocks- Cispus Basin

I have been working up to this trip in the Goat Rocks for months. I started out with my favorite Washington hiking club at Walupt Lake. I had seen it once before last year when we were rained out of our hike in the Goat Rocks, finished a 20 mile day, and drove back to the car shuttle here. It was very nice to see the lake in the sunshine and I was excited to revisit the Goat Rocks. On Day 1 we hiked about 8.5 miles from Walupt Lake to Cispus Basin via Nanny Ridge.
We started with some climbing and enjoyed seeing glimpses of Mt. Adams.
We hiked along the Nanny Ridge trail and soon came to Nanny Peak.
On Nanny Peak we could see three mountains, Adams, Rainier, and St. Helens
Heading back along the trail the wildflowers were putting on quite a show.

The ridgetops were quite beautiful with a little bit of snow from the heavy snowfall last winter.
The Indian Paintbrush flowers were so bright!
We came to Sheep Lake where two people enjoyed swimming. I just dipped my feet this time.
I continued to be impressed by the diversity and abundance of wildflowers.
Many Columbine were blooming and welcomed us.

We continued to see ridges in the distance. I enjoyed the shape of this one.
Beloved mountains in the distance. I think this is Rainier, though Adams was closer this trip and it was a little disorienting to remember which mountain I was looking at. They were both stunning!
More BRIGHT Indian Paintbrushes.
We approached Cispus Pass toward the day's end, with every step leading us to more and more amazing wilderness.
There was lots of Heather flowers along the way.
As we approached Cispus Pass we found snow but crossed easily.
Coming over the pass and seeing the basin which would be out home away from home for the next two nights.
Our campsite in paradise!
I enjoyed filtering water from this glacier fed stream and we enjoyed our evening chores and meal. I called it a night pretty early and slept so well in my little tent.
There were several of these delicate Glacier Lilies that we were careful to not impact near our campsite.
The view from peaking out my tent just before bed.
Resting for a big day of adventures tomorrow including the highest point on the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington and the Knife's Edge section.

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