Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rushing Waterfall Fun

 We took a risk and drove out to Silver Falls on a day with 100% chance of rain and high winds. I thought this spot might be sheltered. We arrived with only two cars and the park to ourselves.
 My brother in law Josh and my Reedie friend Celebrity joined us for this adventure. We headed down behind South Falls.
 We embraced the rainy spray and the green moss everywhere.
 We continued down the trail and enjoyed the waterfall.
 Lots of wonderful mud to hike through.
 Analise walked a ways, enjoying her dad and uncle.
 Amy went to check out a stump. Analise turned back to meet us later down the trail.
 We found the next group of four waterfalls and took some time to enjoy the rushing water.
 We got to walk behind another waterfall.
 Amy enjoyed showing off our piece of paradise.
 Celebrity is becoming an Oregonian and was able to handle the rain and embrace the muddy trail.
 We continued along the creek, enjoying the mossy trees.
 We took the turn to the hidden waterfall and took a break at Double Falls.
 We enjoyed the overlook.

 The falls below the overlook.
 And then our hero saved us from a large falling tree.
 We got to Winter Falls, which mostly only flows in winter and was flowing freely.
 We took a last look at Winter Falls and headed up the hill.
 Amy was taking imaginary pictures and we took a selfie. Then we finished up the hill, met up with Gil and sleeping Analise, and enjoyed some cheese grits.

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