Monday, March 7, 2016

Eagle Creek Fun!

I saw that the weather was going up to 60 degrees on this springlike day in January 2015. Amy was six and Analise was 2.  The foggy Columbia River Gorge was magical, and despite the crowd, Eagle Creek was fantastic!
Disclaimer- you need to have a two and six year old who listen very well to take them on this hike. We had a conversation about safety before heading out.
They enjoyed the drips coming down from the rocks.
The foggy cool day was quite nice.
This trail is very green. Analise loved poking things with my hiking stick.
These sisters were really enjoying each other this day.
Amy took the lead but was careful and waited for us to catch up.
The water coming off the rock was impressive.
Eagle creek below loomed large.
Analise was determined to hold hands with her sister for much of this trip.
We love the Columbia River Gorge!
Analise wanted to pick rocks frequently and was determined to walk for much of this trail.
It was green and lush, and flowing all around us.
The side waterfalls were lovely.
We went down to enjoy the creek rocks for awhile.
It was hard to get Analise to stop throwing rocks into the creek.
Me and my hiking budies!

We enjoyed the waterfalls.
We made it to punchbowl falls. Then I but a very tired but reluctant two year old in a backpack and headed back to our car.

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