Monday, May 11, 2015

Craters of the Moon Lunarlike Exploration

After spending two nights with friends Starr and Cross in Blackfoot, ID, we headed up to Crater's of the Moon National Monument.
The road was officially closed about .5 miles in, making it more otherworldly than it might otherwise be.
There was just a light dusting of snow on the ground and we went for a beautiful hike.
Some of the rock was quite red.  You could imagine the lava flowing through this area.
We hiked up and over a small hill to check out a short crater hike.
It was quite cold with the wind whipping around but also quite pretty.
Amy and Analise were happy to stretch there legs after the drive.
The ground we were hiking over was full of surprises and combinations of colors both rough and smooth.
There were large holes and caves around as well as boulders.
It was really fun checking it out as we hiked around the loop.
We stuck to the trail and could imagine lava bubbling and flowing.
The few trees that survived were gnarled and fossil like.
The roots were preserved.
We admired the large lava rocks jutting out next to us.
We took a little break and tried not to blow away.
Analise lost a glove, but I was able to carefully retrieve it.
This rock reminded me of a science experiment, it looks like hardened ash in the process of erupting.
The smooth blue rock was really neat.
We headed back to the visitor's center to have some lunch before continuing our drive toward Harriman State Park.

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