Saturday, April 4, 2015

Family Journey to Blackfoot Idaho

Mom- We set off on a family adventure to travel 1500 miles, visit friends along the way, and explore some amazing places.  Our first evening was spent in La Grande, OR
Amy-  At Donna's we roasted s'mores.
Mom-  It was great to visit friends in their beautiful Eastern Oregon home at the foot of the Wallowas and enjoy a fire with them.
Mom-  On Sunday, we drove 7 hours from La Grande, OR to Blackfoot, ID.  Along the way we tried to find the Birds of Prey refuge but ended up driving to the wrong section and just enjoyed the vast farmland and distant mountains.  We continued our drive and finally got our walk in about an hour from Blackfoot at Massacre Rock State Park.
Mom- The Snake River and Eastern Idaho rock and plants were fun to explore.
Amy-  Dad came on this trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom-  We saw really pretty rocks that looked like they were homes for animals.  We had a nice view of the river from the top of the trail.
Amy-  The windmill has a lot of air.  I know that because it spins round and round a lot.
Mom-  We had a beautiful view of the ever growing mountains and really enjoyed our short hike in this lovely park.
Mom- The rocks were volcanic from an early eruption in this area.
Mom-  We saw a few bunnies and were watching for snakes.  It was a fun little hike which we all needed after 6 hours of driving.
Mom-  We were excited to see our friends in Blackfoot, ID after a long day of driving.  They have a great backyard!
Amy- Analise hoed the sand under a broken swing.
Mom-  We visited the "famous" potato museum in Blackfoot and learned about growing and processing potatoes.
Amy- Ha ha he he !  Sorry but the potato heads are so funny!
Mom-  I thought the fancy clothes made out of potato sacks were very cool!
Amy- We had fun with the dogs (Gizmo and Zelda)
Amy-  They had a sprinkler.
Amy-We had fun with Gizmo and Zelda.
Amy-  Analise  was drumming!

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