Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Old Growth Amazement

It was March- a rainy spring day, and the crew headed out to Sioxon Creek.

This forest feels enchanted.  It is always so green and lush!

There was no creek dabbling today as it was COLD and rainy.  Baby Analise was pretending to be a six month old bear cub in her brown bear fleece.

The creek was raging.  We enjoyed the peaceful walk beside it.

We stopped to enjoy some waterfalls.

We literally "soaked in the view".

Baby Analise thought the hike was much better than the car ride even though there was not enough wiggling for her taste.

The water was so green and amazing.

Amy did a great job hiking in the rain.

Baby Analise stayed dry in the front pack complete with homemade cover by Nana.

I remembered to look up and take in the huge old growth trees above us.

We all enjoyed the moss covering everything.

I often return to this spot.  Though it is a long drive up into Washington, these woods feel like home and refresh my spirit.

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