Wednesday, September 18, 2013

House Rock Wagon Road

 We headed down Hwy 20 Southeast of Salem on a late March rainy day. Though it was cloudy, the spring green and canopy of trees was lush and beautiful.

We were near a stream and hiked down to a waterfall.

Sarah and Amy explored a little near the water.

It was a wonderful day to be together in the woods.

Baby Analise was 6 months old and still in the front pack.  She enjoyed the woods as well.

We enjoyed checking out the moss.

One rock looked like it had hair.

We felt like pioneers, exploring the wagon road and imagining what it would have been like to be one of the first people to see this place.

We found a very large mushroom.

The water was so blue and clean down below us.

Amy took time to hug a big tree.

We finally made it to House Rock.  The story is there was enough space under this rock for pioneer families to wait out storms.

We did not find any pioneer families but we found a huge family of gigantic spiders inside the outcropping on the rock ceiling.

Amy had been exploring in the dark so it was quite a shock to shine my light up and see the spider family.  They reminded me a lot of the spiders in The Hobbit!

After sharing house rock with the spider family briefly we finished our stroll through the mossy wagon road, savoring this adventure together.

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