Thursday, July 4, 2013

Epic Road Trip Pt 2- Steamboat

 We finally made it to Steamboat.  The dogs were happy to see us.  They were very bouncy.  The girls warmed up quickly to the dogs.  These golden retrievers are so dear to me because they help me feel close to my sister who died in 2007.  There is nothing like a Golden Retriever welcome!

The girls warmed up quickly to the dogs and we had such a great time just being together with my brother-in-law and romping around the house and yard.

Amy made it her job to feed the dogs each day as well as the fish.  She became her uncle's assistant.

Baby Analise loved having a big new space to explore and was quite interested in the dogs.  She rearranged magazines and just loved exploring.

We took Amy ice skating for the first time since her uncle is a hockey goalie.  She did great and kept wanting to go around the rink again and again.

We spent more time lounging at the house and the girls decided to see how cozy the dog beds were.

Amy helped with brushing the dogs as well.  She decided Tagish is her "new best friend".

After ice skating, Amy decided she needed to try on all her uncle's hockey gear.  He is quite tall so the leg pads came up to her chin.

We watched the Stanley Cup and Amy rooted for Boston just to mess with Gil.

We went fishing and caught four Rainbow Trout.  Gil caught two.  Jonathan caught one, and Amy helped reel in the last one.  Baby Analise and I cheered on the family and enjoyed the lake.

We so enjoyed the fresh trout dinner!

We had time to explore the park near the house, play card games, and just be together as a family, soaking in the affection of two golden retrievers and a wonderful brother in law.

We reluctantly said goodbye to Steamboat and started heading back toward Oregon.

Our next stop was Pocatello, ID to visit friends.  On our way we stopped at Fossil Butte National Monument in Wyoming and Amy became a Jr. Ranger again there.

We stayed two nights in Pocatello and so enjoyed the hospitality of our friends as well as throwing axes and spears at targets in the dark after children were in bed!

We camped one more night at Wallowa Lake State Park.  It is a beautiful area and made me want to go backpacking.

We made S'mores and had a lovely campfire.  The next day we packed up and drove home to head back into normal life again.

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