Friday, May 31, 2013

Weldon Wagon Road

 It was a somewhat clear, warm spring day in May and we headed to one of our favorite spots on the Washington side of the Gorge.

This is a historic wagon road with a gorgeous oak orchard with a view of Mt. Hood.

It is a a bit of a climb on our first sunny warm day.  Amy was slow but steady.

We were privileged to have our friend Ahmed with us.  He was up for an adventure and we were happy to have some company.  He stuck with it and enjoyed a lively conversation and excellent view.

Mt. Hood was as beautiful as ever.

We had a little bit of a wildflower show.

It was just so nice to be enjoying the sunshine and the girls.  We took lots of breaks to enjoy looking out.

Eventually the trail heads back into the trees and to part of the wagon road complete with a boneyard.

Amy needed lots of breaks because the weather was hot and she decided to actually pose for pictures as a way to get a break (normally she hates having her picture taken!

It was a lovely day to enjoy late spring and start getting our legs used to climbing again.

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