Monday, January 30, 2012

Muddy Cape Falcon Adventure

It was a cloudy winter Oregon day and we decided it was time to head out for a winter coast hike. We drove to the Cape Falcon trail head and we were not disappointed! I was so proud of Amy who hiked the entire 5 miles. This winter we have retired the backpack because she is getting too heavy for me to carry!

The old growth forest was lush and amazing. Just breathing the sea and forest air but a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

The trees were huge and so green. Of course the trail was covered with mud, much to Amy's delight. Sarah commented, "You are the only mom I know who so enjoys watching their preschooler walk right through ankle deep mud".

We continued through this beautiful forest and started catching glimpses of the ocean.

These wise old trees have withstood quite a few storms. It is a privilege to walk among them.

The glimpses became more and more breathtaking. The fog made it seem so mystical.

We continued enjoying the mud, the views of the ocean and the beautiful forest. Eventually the foliage got quite a bit narrower as we approached the point.

We sat on the cliff above the ocean and watched the waves crash against the rocks, reminded of the power of the ocean.

We let the wind blow through our hair and faces and just took it all in.

We had to laugh at the amount of mud we had accumulated. It was quite thick.

Heading back into the woods, we carried the ocean in our hearts and the trail on our boots. We stopped to enjoy one of the many moss covered trees and continued out to the trail head.

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