Monday, January 30, 2012

Mirror Lake Snow Adventure

It was a snowy, windy day just after a big storm. The snow level was quite low and we decided it would be fun to make it to Mirror Lake. I dropped off Sarah and Amy at the trail head and drove the .5 mile to park at the Snow bowl ski area.

Unfortunately, there is not a good way to walk between the two. I tried walking on top of the snow for part of the way, but the drift was quite high. Then I walked on the highway for part of the way and got honked at.
Amy was forging ahead on the trail and it took me quite some time to catch up. The trail itself was really nice but a bit of a hike up toward the lake.

The clouds and the wind gave us a feel of wilderness adventure.

The lake itself was amazing and we stopped to take it in before heading back down the trail.

There was a little too much powder to build a snowman but we did enjoy throwing powdery snow at each other!

Despite the clouds, there was a little bit of a view of the valley below.

The trees were all covered and walking through the forest was lovely. We enjoyed the snow covered bridge at the end.

Unfortunately, we still had the .5 mile stretch of Highway to the car. Amy was very tired after the hike and I was newly pregnant and not so eager to carry her. We tried walking on the snow but had to walk on the highway for much of the way. It took us a very long time to get back to the car. We all made it in one piece, a little grouchy and tired but glad to have seen Mirror Lake in the snow.

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