Monday, June 27, 2016

Tom McCall Wildflower Wonder- May 2015

 It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day in May.  Amy needed to stay at home and rest, but Sarah, Analise, and I headed up to one of our favorite destinations in the Gorge, Tom McCall  Point. Analise was still riding in the backpack, making this climb a bit more of a challenge.
The wildflowers were beautiful. I love to see them clinging to the cliff sides.
Analise was not that in tune with her surroundings and was interested in a baby fruit snack.
More wildflowers all over the hillside.
Indian Paintbrush is a favorite of mine.
Mt. Hood loomed large in the distance.
Close up Mt. Hood.
Mt. Adams was visible as well.
Taking a little rest at the summit/ butte.
Analise got to enjoy being free at the top and dancing in the wildflowers.
We took some time to gaze at the mountains.
The gorge was lovely below us.
The combination of flowers and mountains makes this a favorite each year!
Analise wanted to walk a little downhill.
Mt. Hood + flowers were incredible!
Analise stopping to smell and examine the wildflowers.
More beautiful flowers!
We hiked down below to a lily pad pond.
Many more wildflowers greeted us!
What a lovely spring day!

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