Sunday, February 1, 2015

Iron Mt. High Meadow Magic

 Mom- After a very long drive to Tombstone Pass Analise, Amy, Sarah, Gil, and I set out on a delightful adventure to a high mountain meadow.
Amy- Look how tall that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy- On this trail Analise ( I don't know if she did it but it seems like she did it) but I think she actually walked the whole trail all by her self.
Mom-  This is a meadow near the beginning of the trail at Tombstone Pass.
Mom-  The big trees were so tall.  We met a couple who were practicing tree climbing with ropes.
Amy-  Beautiful forest! Shade from trees! this forest is healthy! I would love to go here again! and again.
Amy-  Analise was fishing in the dirt.
Mom-  Sarah was the first to arrive at the high meadow.
Mom-  We spent some time in the high meadow taking in the view and having some lunch.
Amy-  Analise throw rocks down the mountain .
Mom-  I love the top of the world feeling you get from being on a ridge.  Analise, Sarah, and I got some extra time to enjoy it before Gil and Amy came up the trail.
Mom-  Analise was throwing rocks and dirt and offering it as gifts to the rest of us.
Mom-  She was so busy, it was hard to get her to look at a camera but I finally got it.
Mom-  We enjoyed the view to the next ridge lines.
Mom-  The sunny day with the fresh breeze was amazing.
Amy-  Dad came on this hike!
Mom-  I reunited with Amy as she came up the trail.
Mom-  Amy had stolen a hiking stick and was using it to help steady herself on the trail.
Amy-  My picture!
Mom-  We said goodbye to the forest and high meadow and headed back toward the car.

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