Thursday, December 11, 2014

Windy Wild Coyote Wall

In April 2013, Sarah and I set out on a windy gorge hike at Coyote Wall.  Since Amy is so dedicated and refuses to miss church we enjoyed a more exposed, steeper climb.  Analise was 7 months old

Analise didn't mind the wind so much and seemed pretty cozy on this hike.

There were a few late Trillium to enjoy.

We meandered up the road and then hit the trail to enjoy the wildflowers.

The day was windy but a great day for hiking.

The flowers made me smile.

We gave Analise a chance to explore them but she was distracted by the wind and all the sights.

We enjoyed having her with us, especially since she was content.

Though I enjoy so much having my six year old wonder, the adult conversation was nice as well.

This was a pretty exposed hike with the old orchards and great views back down to the river.

There were a few wildflowers still clinging to the side of the hill but they take quite a beating.

The Washington side of the gorge still feels wild to me and is a great place to explore, especially in the spring!

What a refreshing day.

On this windy winter night, it helps to remember the soft breeze of spring. 

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