Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beautiful Ramona Falls

 We decided to go for a bit of an endurance challenge.  The hike at Ramona Falls is 7 miles.  I had not been to Ramona Falls since Amy was a few months old before meeting Sarah.
 The bridge did not cross but the water was not too high.  We hear it was much higher the day before we hiked here.
 Analise hiked a lot and we took many breaks to sit on a log.
Analise really enjoyed using the collapsed hiking stick.  She was determined to "hike on her own".
 Amy and Analise stopped to play in the puddles.  Analise was very reluctant to continue hiking after finding the puddle.
 Amy enjoyed crossing the log bridge.
 The creek was beautiful in the mossy forest.

 The rocky cliffs on the other side were impressive.
 Amy took a turn with the stick and played some games of I spy.
 We made it to beautiful Ramona Falls and enjoyed the view.
 We spent a good amount of time having a snack and resting while taking in the view.

 After a bit we started back down the other side. 
 The girls found an excellent climbing rock.

 Analise hiked over 2 miles and was determined to walk.  The girls took one last break on a rock and showed their true colors.

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