Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Happier Snowshoe at Willamette Pass

In February 2013, Amy got to spend the weekend with Happi the owl from her preschool.  We spent Friday night with Nana in Salem so that we could get an early start for our long drive to Willamette Pass.  Analise was five months old.

We picked up a new friend of ours/ old friend of Sarah's along the way in Eugene.

It was a beautiful day and Analise was too little to know that she hated snow.

We had a really fun snowshoe to a three sided shelter.

We took plenty of breaks and enjoyed the snow and the company together.

Happi the owl tried skiing and posed in trees from time to time.

Analise stayed cozy in her snowsuit and did not seem to mind being out and about with us too much.

The snow at the shelter was quite deep.

We let Happi the owl try a snowshoe so she would not get buried in the snow.

It was a fun time together.  When we got back to the parking lot the sun was setting.  It turned into a pretty long snowshoe route, but everyone was doing well.

We endured the very long drive back to Salem and then to Portland without too much protest from Analise.

This drive was a very far for a day trip but we decided we would like to come back  in the summer to utilize the trail network and shelters on a backpacking adventure.

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  1. You have the best adventures Melody and they are so fun to read about. Thanks for sharing this blog.. I love it!!!