Friday, April 26, 2013

Inversion Amazement at Trillium Lake

It was a foggy January day in Portland.  When we left Portland the temperature was in the 30s.  An inversion was happening and the warm air trapped at higher elevations made Mt. Hood a sunny high 60s.

We went to the popular Trillium Lake road and started stripping off our layers.

Both kids were so happy to be less bundled and warm in the snow.  All of a sudden in felt like spring.

We took plenty of breaks as usual.  Amy skied down the steep hill to the lake.

Sarah got some baby therapy.

Mt. Hood was out in all her glory.  I was so sleep deprived that I wondered if we would see a reflection on the lake!

Unfortunately, there were people feeding the "camp robber" birds and they were dive bombing us, so we did not stay to eat very long.  Amy protected our food.

Baby Analise decided this snow stuff wasn't all that bad.

Amy was a great sport about climbing up the big hill.

We reluctantly left the sunny, snowy, warm oasis in the mountains to go back to the cloudy cold city below.

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