Friday, October 5, 2012

Opal Creek- last big adventure before baby

 We headed out to my favorite swimming hike at Opal Creek.  It was a beautiful day and being 35 weeks pregnant, it was the last Sat. I felt comfortable making a long drive and doing a long hike.  It was also before I had my beautiful henna belly tattoo so I was ready for some swimming.

The water was so clean, clear, and green.  It was refreshing for my soul.

We followed the path through the enchanted old growth forest and eventually arrived at Opal Pool.

Opal pool is a beautiful deep pool.  It is always frigid but totally refreshing and wonderful.  Today, there were some people cliff jumping into it.  Amy was a bit reluctant to dive in, but Sarah and I both took a turn.

I wondered if growing Analise could tell how shockingly cold the water was from inside my belly

On top of the pool is a beautiful gorge and waterfall.  We literally soaked it all in before heading to Jawbone Flats.

Jawbone Flats is an interesting historic ghost town with a bone yard of old equipment where people continue to live off the grid.

We spent some time exploring the bone yard before heading back of the creek toward the car. 

Amy was able to accomplish her longest hike ever, seven miles.  Having swimming breaks and huckleberries helped a lot with this!

After exploring Jawbone Flats, we headed to the natural waterslides.  I helped swim Amy across and cheered from the rocks so as not to bump my growing belly against any rocks.  We were unable to get sliding pictures because we had to leave the camera on the far side of the creek to keep it dry.

At the end of the seven miles we had a very tired four year old but we were all refreshed and so happy to end the hiking season for now on such a wonderful adventure. 

Many huckleberries later we arrived at the car.  Stay tuned for the further adventures of Amy and Analise as our family grows!

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