Monday, September 24, 2012

Canyon Creek Meadows High Country

 I was craving high country so we headed out to a high meadow hike near Three Finger Jack.

We started up the trail with grand views through burned forests and found a nice lunch spot near a small lake. 

The wildflowers were spectacular and kept getting more beautiful as we neared the meadow.

The view of Three Finger Jack in the distance was grand.

We all enjoyed taking in the beautiful meadow in this high country.  

The air felt thinner and fresher and I felt very alive.  Unfortunately, I also had a somewhat whiney four year old to help motivate.

We continued to enjoy the meadow and then headed back down to meet the main trail.

I enjoyed all the paintbrush.  One of my favorite mountain flowers.

The stream was cloudy and glacier fed.

On the way down, we found a tree that looked pregnant and compared it to my belly.

We enjoyed a stunning view of Mt. Jefferson.

On the drive home we got to see a coyote cross the road.  What an amazing day in the high country!

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