Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oregon Coast Adventure- Salishan Spit

This involved a little bit of cheating but was such an amazing hike. We headed out to Lincoln City and parked at The Resort at Salishan near the shops.

 We hiked the public access trail toward the beach past the golf course and pretended to be rich and on vacation (I'm sure we were very convincing in our hiking clothes :-).  On the way we found this great tree to climb.

We got down to a very foggy, hazy beach that we had mostly to ourselves- a rarity in Lincoln City!

Amy did some dabbling in the wet sandy tidepools.  We changed into shorts very quickly once the dabbling started.

We made a beautiful sand castle together.

We continued down the beach, splashing in the waves as we went.

It was a perfect day and a beautiful, deserted beach to enjoy- listening to the seagulls, enjoying the smell of salt water and the sound of the ocean. watching the waves, and finding crabs and shells.

Even with my growing pregnant belly, I can still see my toes and enjoy feeling the sand between them.

Several miles down the beach when we finally got to the end of the spit we found the community of seals enjoying the day on the beach and swimming!

It was so amazing just to sit and enjoy watching the seals interact with each other, lay on the beach, play, and swim.  We tried to be respectful and not get too close to them.  They noticed us arrive but did not seem too concerned.

What a fun adventure!  Now whenever I go to Lincoln City, I will gaze across the water to the spit and remember my time with the seals!

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