Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tom McCall Point

 This hike is quite a climb for even adults, and especially four year olds, but one of my favorite places in the gorge.

You start East of Hood River winding up the hill from Mosier to Tom McCall Preserve.  The views of the gorge are awesome just from the parking lot.

There is an easier hike down below to enjoy wildflowers and a point on the gorge, but of course I like more of a challenge with my wildflowers :-).

We started up the steep trail toward Tom McCall Point.  It was the first bright, sunny warm day in awhile and we figured we would call snowshoeing a season in search for some wildflowers and beautiful views.

We saw Mt. Adams peaking out at us and continued climbing through paintbrushes and avalanche lilies.  Last summer when I was here we saw a rattlesnake, but today it was just a few lizards.

We continued the steep climb with our four year old bundle of energy who took lots of water and deep breath breaks.

It was a beautiful day to enjoy wildflowers and we continued climbing up and up until we started to have the beautiful views!

We saw the gorge in the distance and Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams looming above us.

Everyone who passed us commented on what an excellent hiker Amy is!  She just kept on climbing.

At the top we enjoyed some sunbathing and a wonderful cooked lunch which a dog attempted to steal some of.  We took our time enjoying the view and each others company before setting out back down the hill.

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