Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grand Backpacking Adventure- Mom's Rejuvination Pt 1

Grand Valley, Olympic National Park Backpacking Adventure

I am continuing to learn how to find balance between work life, home life, and recreation and relaxation. It felt important for me to take time for myself to pursue one of my passions, backpacking, in a way that I am not able to do with a three year old. I came back refreshed and ready for the challenge of work and family life.

Tuesday, August 16th Arriving at the Trailhead

It was great to have the Celtic Prayer Retreat and visiting with friends before this adventure to actually let go of life in Beaverton. At the Celtic Prayer Retreat I was able to see my friend, Kelli (who is blind and ran cross country with me in college). I was able to walk the trails with her, reminding me that God is my Guide Runner.

It was also fun to be with the kids and hang out in the center of the labyrinth with Amy and playing at the river. There were encircle us prayers, peace prayers, and reminders of cultural blinders and God’s abundance.

Intentions for my time out: To find a time of peace, refreshment, fun, differentiation from Amy, holding the paradoxes of solitude and community, adventure, and just being in a beautiful place. I hiked with my friend Sarah, who does spiritual direction, to help facilitate reflection and share this experience.

Observation Point to Moose Lake- 4.5 miles

Meeting Sarah K at the train station and driving to the Port Angeles Ranger station with the top down was excellent and full of excitement and nervousness. The road to the Trailhead was so scary! It felt like driving off the edge of a cliff in a tiny Geo Metro Convertible, but seeing the high country was excellent!

Each day I took time to reflect and write a breath prayer

"Guide Runner, encircle me, dance, play with, and refresh me"

The first stretch of the hike was enjoying the high country and adjusting to elevation. I was encircled by mountains and enjoyed the amazing meadows. It seemed like spring in the Olympics with the cooler temperatures and flowers just starting to burst out of the snow. There was a beautiful view to the Ocean.

I felt a sense of God walking with us up the trail. I was reflecting on Simplicity.

Wednesday, August 17th Moose Lake over Grand Pass to Cameron Creek 10 miles

"Guide Runner, Bring Compassion, Wholeness, and a love of all things"

Hanging out at Moose Lake-

We needed to wait until the snow softened to climb Grand Pass which gave me some morning time to enjoy the wildflower meadow and reflect. I enjoyed sun, wildflowers, mountains, and watching the many, somewhat aggressive deer.

I felt loved and encircled by God. I prayed to be filled with more compassion and was grateful for the privilege of backpacking. I reflected on what it means to have a love of all things. I was holding the paradox of brokenness and wholeness, as well as confidence and a respect for the wilderness.

We started climbing up toward Grand Pass. We enjoyed watching a marmot and seeing the three lakes- Grand Lake, Moose Lake, and Gladys Lake.

We began hitting soft melting snow which was quite beautiful sparkling in the sun. The sound of water melting off the mountains was roaring all around us.

As we started climbing snowfields to the top of the pass we had to rely on God our Guide Runner for each step.
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  1. your blog is great Melody! what fun adventures you have with your little girl and your pictures are breath taking!